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Edible Image Printing Images for Cake | Cupcake by Aisha Puchong Jaya

Thanks for visiting http://www.edibleimages.org/. Are you planning to celebrate birthday parties, anniversaries, promotions with an Edible Image of a cartoon character or your favorite photo on your cake / cupcakes masterpiece ?

I have good news for you…you don’t need to search the net for hours for cartoon characters, I have plenty of cartoon pictures for your cake and cupcakes , simply choose as many as you like from http://www.edibleimages.org/.

You can send your own photos as well. Text such as “Happy Birthday”, “happy anniversary”, etc..can be
printed on the edible Photo for free for 1 text per sheet.

I will add a nice background for your Edible photo too. You don’t want your cake & cupcakes with your photo in a kitchen or house backyard, do you ?

I love baking cake and cupcakes especially with Edible Image on them
; It makes cake / cupcakes decoration so much simpler and they add color to your cake almost instantaneously.

ou can view all my Edible Image cupcake and cake creations at http://www.ai-sha.biz/ or http://www.aishahbiz.com/ for your cupcakes and cake decoration ideas. I know how it feels when you are preparing / baking your cake or cupcakes for your loved ones. You simply want the best !

Let me tell you briefly about my edible Image sheet, Inks, pricing, templates and delivery options. . Edible Image sheet is made of sugar, starch, glucose, gelatine, cellulose, vegetable fats, etc. My Edible Image is printed using HALAL inks and HALAL icing Sheets. Both products are certified HALAL by a Malaysian Islamic government agency called JAKIM.

You can keep your Edible Image for 1 week in normal room temperature (store them in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight). Edible Image sheet is moisture sensitive, so keep it in a zip locked plastic sheet or you can keep them in the original sealed plastic that I sent you. You really need to protect your edible Image from air & moisture if you live in a tropical country like Malaysia. Shud u store them in a fridge it can lasts for months.

I have prepared several sheet templates for you to choose. Just click on the “Instructions / How to Order “ button on the sidebar to select picture sizes and template sheet. You can see how many pictures you can get on each template / sheet based on the sheet diagram and description.

You can choose cartoon pictures that you like from my blog or you could send me your favourite / special photos for your special occasion cakes / cupcakes …birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, etc. You can request for wordings, messages on you cake for Free (1 text per sheet) !
I will paste your photo on a nice background for Free too (1 background per sheet). You will not want to see your kitchen or backyard on your special cake / cupcakes, right ?....Oh ! well…unless you want it as is…it’s your choice. We will show the mockup and get your confirmation before proceed with printing.

Pricing is based on the number of sheets required. It's RM18 for most of the sheets templates and RM20 for full page printing. You can request for different square or circle designs and layouts.

You can opt for self-collection or request me to mail it to you. For self collection, you can come to my house in Puchong Jaya between 8am to 10pm daily . If it’s by mail, I will wrap your Edible Image nicely in a thick cardboard and send it to you on Monday-Friday.

Postal charges will be added to your bill and it varies according to the distance to your place. As of today, Malaysia’s Pos Laju normally delivers the next day for Semananjung Malaysia, It could take two days during peak period though…It takes two to three days to Sabah and Sarawak.

Please do not hesitate to email me for a quotation or simply ask or say hello to
aishabiz71@gmail.com. thanks